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Trailanga Swami (1601 to 1887) Trailinga Swami, one of the great saints of India, was the son of Narasingh Rao and Bidayabati. He was born in 1601. This Indian Saint did tremendous sadhana for over 250 years and attained the heights of spiritual knowledge. People seeing his miracles took him as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. His mother and Father named him Shivram. In childhood he was a not like other children, he was very serious and introspective. He stayed [...]

Goswami Tulsi Das and Ram Charit Manas

Goswami Tulsi Das and Ram Charit Manas At a subtle level, traditions and myths can carry more of reality than so-caled real, sensible and provable facts. According to tradition Sri Ram had himself approved Valmiki’s Ramayana by putting his signature on it. After that, Hanuman wrote with his nails on stone another Ramayana and took it to Sri Ram. Sri Ram approved it also, but as he had already signed on Valmiki’s copy, he said he could not sign another, [...]